The Base Catering Menu

10 items @ $29.50 per person

Minimum 50 pax

1. Thai Pumpkin Soup Shot – served in an individual shot glass topped with a crunchy croutons.

2. Empanadas – ricotta, sundried tomato and pesto cooked in a crispy puff pastry pocket.

3. Cheesy Risotto Balls – crispy and golden, fried rice balls filled with a melting cheese centre.

4. Three Dip Combination – Hummus, basil, taramasalata or guacamole dips, served with Turkish bread.

5. Chicken Satay Skewers – chicken tenderloins served with a creamy peanut satay sauce and topped with crushed roasted nuts.

6. Beef Satay Skewers – served with a creamy peanut satay sauce and topped with crushed roasted nuts.

7. Panko Prawns – Japanese style crumbed prawns, served with lemon or lime wedges and sweet chilli sauce.

8. Cocktail Vegetable Samosa – curried vegetable mixture in light pastry, served with sweet chilli sauce.

9. Mini Gourmet Beef Pies – Plain – containing chunky, grain-fed, top quality beef, seasoned with salt and pepper, served with exotic sauces and tomato or BBQ sauce.

10. Cheese and Spinach Puffs – a crispy pastry pocket filled with leek, ricotta baby spinach and tasty cheddar cheese.

11. Cocktail Spring Rolls – mini spring rolls, deep fried, served with a Thai sweet chilli dipping sauce.

12. Salt and Pepper Squid – fresh squid, deep-fried, seasoned with salt and pepper, served with wedges of lemon and garlic aioli dipping sauce.

13. Mini Chilli Dogs – chilli sausage and caramelised onion in bread rolls and choice of bbq, tomato or chilli sauce.

14. Tandoori Chicken on Mini Naan Breads – Tandoori-marinated chicken on mini naan breads, served with home-made raita dip.

15. Potato Wedges – golden potato wedges served with sour cream, chives, sweet chilli sauce and guacamole dip.

16. Mini Sausage Rolls – homemade, served with BBQ sauce and tomato sauce.

17. Beef and Pesto Croquettes – home made, served with a Smokey babaganoush dip.

18. Chicken Wings – home made, oven roasted with honey, soy and garlic.

19. Smoked Salmon Blinis – a delicate savoury pikelet served with cream cheese, smoked salmon and chives.

20. Fish Cocktails – home made and served with tartare sauce.

21. Rice paper rolls – traditional Vietnamese flavours with chicken, prawn or vegetarian filling.

22. Mini Chicken Schnitzel Burgers – served with homemade chicken schnitzel, iceberg lettuce and a creamy caesar dressing.

23. Italian crostini – Camembert cheese, salami, sun-dried tomato on a crisp Italian bread base, topped with our homemade basil pesto.

24. Yakitori Chicken skewers – Japanese flavours served with sesame seeds and shallots.

25. Mini hot dogs – topped with caramelised onion and grated tasty cheese and your choice of sauce.

26. Mac and Cheese Balls – drizzled with cheese sauce or Ranch dressing.

27. Loaded fries – Greek style – served with diced tomato, spanish onion, feta, lemon and oregano OR  Italian style – served with a chorizo bolognese, topped with parmesan cheese OR American – served with bacon, cheddar cheese and ranch dressing.

28. Honey/Soy Chicken Burgers – served with an Asian coleslaw.

29. Szechuan Style Sweet Chilli Pork Skewers (mild chilli).

30. Thai Chicken Balls – served with sweet chilli mayo or sweet chilli sauce.

Our catering packages adapt to suit any occasion.

Our catering menu packages include all costs in the initial quote provided to you. There are no hidden extra fees to surprise you once your function is over. We offer obligation free quotes.
A 30% non-refundable deposit is payable upon placing your order and it automatically secures the function date.
Your balance payment is due no later than seven days (7) before your function date.

Ordering is easy:

1. Simply select a menu above

 2. Make a list of your choices from your desired menu

NOTE: choosing less than ten (10) menu items is OK. The number of servings overall will still be the same.

All prices include in-area delivery, catering staff, cocktail serviettes and clean up. No hidden costs.